False Rabbit

For a late, tasty Easter treat that doesn't break the bank, try this meatloaf and veg combination that had even my husband having seconds of the broccoli: Ingredients (serves 4-6): 500g mixed pork and beef mince 3 onions 1 large garlic clove, finely chopped 3 tbsp dried parsley 1tbsp coarse ground pepper 6 rashers streaky … Continue reading False Rabbit


Slow-cooked Festive Hasenpfeffer

I know most British families eat lamb at Easter, but either my mother was not a great fan of lamb (other than in Turkish kebab meat, I cannot recall ever having it as a child) or it's just not the done thing in Germany. I connect Easter food with rabbit. It's a great, lean meat … Continue reading Slow-cooked Festive Hasenpfeffer