World Book Day – Hetty Feather Costume

So World Book Day is upon us once more and with it the need to create a costume fit for a 10-year-old.We could go down the route of making things easy and buying a generic princess or superhero costume like many of our fellow families will undoubtedly do, be it through time constraints, because 4 … Continue reading World Book Day – Hetty Feather Costume


Upcycled Boys’ Doorstopper

In my Big 2018 Clearout post a few weeks ago I mentioned that I prefer to upcycle items rather than throw them out, in an effort to reduce waste. I also said that I don't want to have anything ugly or broken in my home. Well, the doorstoppers that came with our children's rooms fit … Continue reading Upcycled Boys’ Doorstopper


When my daughter was whisked away by her grandparents to enjoy a few days in Germany, the time seemed ripe to finally acknowledge that she is, in fact, not a little girl anymore and is speedily approaching tweenage years. Her 10th birthday is only a few months away and yet some of the furniture in … Continue reading Upcycled