1920s-inspired Headband in 10min

This evening we are invited to a 1920s-style celebration of the graduation of a good friend. I have to admit, what with the end of term and all that came with it I had pushed the thought of what to wear to the far end of my mind. However, the day is here and I … Continue reading 1920s-inspired Headband in 10min

DIY Toddler Walking Game

What do you do with a very mobile, very explorative one-and-three-quarter-year-old who needs and wants stretching in the mobility department, but who is yet too small for stilts, scooters and tricycles (the latter literally - he cannot reach the pedals with his feet!)? We found this game in the local library. It consists of two … Continue reading DIY Toddler Walking Game


When my daughter was whisked away by her grandparents to enjoy a few days in Germany, the time seemed ripe to finally acknowledge that she is, in fact, not a little girl anymore and is speedily approaching tweenage years. Her 10th birthday is only a few months away and yet some of the furniture in … Continue reading Upcycled