DIY Toddler Walking Game

What do you do with a very mobile, very explorative one-and-three-quarter-year-old who needs and wants stretching in the mobility department, but who is yet too small for stilts, scooters and tricycles (the latter literally - he cannot reach the pedals with his feet!)? We found this game in the local library. It consists of two … Continue reading DIY Toddler Walking Game


Genderless parenting… or just parenting?

Apparently, genderless parenting is a thing now. You read about it everywhere, it's mentioned in the news and people pride themselves in not conforming to gender stereotypes with their own children. It made me think back to how I was parented, and how I parent both of my children now. Back in 1980s Eastern Germany, … Continue reading Genderless parenting… or just parenting?

False Rabbit

For a late, tasty Easter treat that doesn't break the bank, try this meatloaf and veg combination that had even my husband having seconds of the broccoli: Ingredients (serves 4-6): 500g mixed pork and beef mince 3 onions 1 large garlic clove, finely chopped 3 tbsp dried parsley 1tbsp coarse ground pepper 6 rashers streaky … Continue reading False Rabbit