1920s-inspired Headband in 10min

This evening we are invited to a 1920s-style celebration of the graduation of a good friend. I have to admit, what with the end of term and all that came with it I had pushed the thought of what to wear to the far end of my mind.

However, the day is here and I had nothing to wear. A quick trip to a charity shop and a dress was found (if a little tight – time to try that diet again), lots of jewellery is available, but the hair was a bit of an issue.

I found a good website for an easy tutorial of what to do, but it included a headband.

So one was needed and luckily I still had lots of beads available from the time we got married (and I had the mental idea of making everything, including my dress and jewellery, myself – other story). It took less than 10min to make once I had decided what to do.

Here is what I used:

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  • 1 length of decor gems (the kind used on cakes)
  • 1 necklace fastener and 2 links
  • 1 large, oval, flowery stick-on embellishment
  • a few beads on a string (can be bought already linked for bracelets etc.)
  • 3 black feathers
  • glue gun

I measured the decor gems to fit around my head and connected the ends with the necklace fastener attached to the links.

Once I was happy that everything fit around my head I then stuck the oval embellishment to the gem string with my glue gun. On the opposite side I attached the feathers toward the top and different lengths of the stringed beads hanging off the bottom. I looped some of the beads back to the oval and stuck everything in place with the glue gun.

This is what the end product looked like:


A very simple 1920s-inspired headband, easily made in a short time.

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