My 2018 Bucket List – 5 Months In

We’re coming up to May – is it just me or has the first part of the year gone by really quickly? So many things are different now to what they were a few months ago, so I decided to have a look back at my bucket list and see how much progress I have made against my goals for this year.


Let’s start on green first – my health and beauty goals:

I’m still nowhere near a size 6-8, in part because ‘doing a dry month’ has not happened yet and I have comfort eaten a lot in the last few months. I’m still hovering around 9st 12, so a long way to go to hit my 8st 2 I am aiming for. However, I still exercise for at least 30min every day, with very few exceptions in between, so I may not be thinner, but I am definitely fitter.

I have cooked a few new dishes, or variations of old dishes, where I have swapped one of the key ingredients for something else to see how that was going and I may keep a 2 or 3 of the dishes I have cooked in my weekly meal plan list. Mini beef Wellingtons are next on the list.

I am now, however, a daily contact lens wearer, having swapped my glasses for monthly disposables about 2 months ago. Turns out my eyesight did get worse, as I expected it had after 4 years and another pregnancy – since having been pregnant, my eyes have never really felt the same: a funny side effect no one ever seems to mention.

On to yellows: random goals

When it comes to friendships, I simply haven’t had much time to meet up with old friends or make any new ones. With work taking up most of my life term-time (and no real intention to befriend anyone at work, where the people I’d happily have a drink with work on the other side of the building and we rarely have the chance to pop in for a chat), it’s something I’ll have to look into when time is less precious.

But learn a new skill I did: earlier this year my husband and I have learned how to tile  and have proceeded to tile two bathrooms, so I can now do that, albeit with help from my husband, who is less afraid (and less likely) to lose a finger on the tile cutter than I am.

The pinks? Home life

So the home improvement job has already been completed, and more is in the pipeline for later on in the year, where we are planning to install a fire place, sort the garden and put curtains up.

The girl and I have taken up Postcrossing again – a wonderful little hobby involving writing postcards to random strangers and receiving the same thing back – the project runs throughout the world and we’ve received cards from as far away as Russia, Taiwan and New Zealand.

As for the boy, his hobbies change as they would with a toddler, but building towers, going for walks and playing with paints appear to be among his favourites.

The perfect wife… well, that still needs work from my part, but I am making a conscious effort, so that should account for something.

On to the blue – work life:

Now, this is where the big changes have happened. I have indeed updated my CV and made good use of LinkedIn, getting in contact with recruiters and applying for new (and often promoted) jobs in a variety of schools. But things have certainly got a lot tougher in the education job market, particularly when, like me, you are at the top of your pay scale and schools have a lot less money to play with.

Through a combination of applying for jobs myself and keeping in touch with recruitment agencies I managed to go to three interviews. The first one was a complete car crash, although the atmosphere in the place was very tense and I’m not sure I would have fitted in anyway. The second was plain weird. The third one I loved from the moment I managed to eventually park my car up.

It was advertised as a normal teaching position – being a deputy head of department, this would have been a step down, although I have been pretty clear on my application that I’d still like to take on extra responsibilities for more money, even in a classroom teaching role. Well, turns out they saw something in me and offered me a lead teacher position, matching my current salary and extra allowance and with that offering me a side step leading to a slightly different career path up the ladder. Complete success!!

The work project is up and running and even though I am convinced that circumstances outside my control will mean that I won’t be able to hit all my targets, I will at least have done everything I can to work towards that.

9/15 targets hit by the end of April. So, what do you think? Success?

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