My 2018 Bucket List

Happy new year, everyone, and I hope you have had a great start into 2018! Mine has started rather sleepily, what with still being determined to get up at 5am every morning in order to use my quiet time for exercise, blogging and work. It is 6.19am and so far I have been on my bike for 25min, completed my dumbbell reps and I am psyching myself up to start on the work project that needed doing this holiday.

1st January has to be one of the most motivating days of the year. You have an entire year ahead to hit your New Year’s goals, most likely to drag yourself out of bed early to have a go at them and when you look at people on this day you can generally see a look of determination to make a difference this year.

So I thought I’d start the day off with a bucket list, which ties in with my general goals for this year. The aim is to be able to tick this one off throughout the year and keep you updated on a monthly basis as to how the list is coming along. There is nothing too exciting on here; most goals will tie in with what, I think, we’d all like to improve in our lives this year. I have colour-coded the list into family (pink), work (blue), beauty and health (green) and social (yellow).


As you can see, some of my bucket list goals are quite ambitious. Being referred to as a perfect wife by my husband at some point this year seems like a tall order, but the essence is that I want to make him happy at home. Getting offered a promotion may be improbable in my current situation, but there may be a chance if I do my job well enough. And whether or not I can make a new friend may be down to luck of meeting the right person, but acquaintances can become friends with enough effort, too.

Some goals are easier to achieve. A home improvement job will be completed in February, when we will tile the bathrooms and also in summer, when we will work on our garden. I am in the process of completing a work project I have set up myself, with an after-school club, which has not existed in my school until now. The aim there is to make it a big deal. Doing a dry month will tie in nicely with the aim to lose weight, but may not start until March/ April time. And I constantly aim to cook new dishes, but work has meant that I have become a little less creative in what I have dished up over the last few months.

So, there is work to do. None of it needs rushing, but all of it is part of the overall aim to become a little bit better in 2018.


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