Weigh-in the 2nd: Week 4

Starting weight: 10st 2

Current weight: 9st 11

Total lost: 6lb

I didn’t expect this one. Especially after that pizza last night. It’s been a month now since I’ve started getting back on the wagon. I was determined to make changes, and what a change it’s been!

This week, my goal was to increase my exercise ever so slightly, from 15min/ 6x a week to 15min/ 7x a week. Overall, I have smashed that goal and increased my exercise levels to just under 2 hours, stretched across the week – an extra 15min on top. It doesn’t work out as much split across the 7 days, but has obviously made a difference to how my body responds.

I have read somewhere that while cardio itself is a big energy burner (if you consider 550kcal for 2 hours ‘big’, that is – my only disappointment in this), the after-effects last all day, so I have made a point of exercising first thing in the morning. That and the fact that I know if I don’t do it first thing, I will never get it done. In addition, I am still using my dumbbells at least once a day on 10-30 repeats, depending on the type of exercise, in 4 different ways. I can feel my back muscles strengthening and it has made a noticeable difference when I am bending or picking my son up. A few months ago I seriously hurt my back picking him up the wrong way (on his birthday no less) and I have a feeling that part of how my muscles responded was down to just how weak they still were from the pregnancy.

So exercise-wise, I feel I have built up some good habits. This week, I will increase my exercise levels: the target is 20min/day on 6 days this week, then Christmas will put a forced rest to this for a few days. But while I have given my legs and arms a good workout, I need to work much more on my core, so in addition to the bike and dumbbells, I will build some core strengthening in as well. It doesn’t need to take up much time; a few reps a day to start with will do.

On a food level, being back at work is my biggest advantage. I’m away from the fridge, so the temptation to eat when I’m not supposed to is gone. I have my sandwiches and the occasional dip into our shared goodies for lunch, but I’ve been pretty disciplined and stopped myself from scoffing more than is reasonable. I hope that the last few weeks have put me into good habits again and that I can keep this going when the holidays start.

On a fluid level, I’ve been okay this week. Twice I forgot my tea bags, so my 1l of tea to keep me warm, hydrated and satiated the rest of the time was not available for the day. I don’t trust the pipes at work, so need to provide my own fresh water from home and have definitely drunk too little on those days – something I will need to take better care of.

However, I’m proud to say that my energy drink consumption continues to be restricted to 1-2 per day (going to 1 only this week) and I don’t really miss them. I need one first thing in the morning, but I have recognised that the rest of the time, they were more of a flavoured drink rather than the need for glucose and caffeine. Whether it is the reduction in sugar highs (followed by the inevitable dip) or the extra energy from exercise, but I have more energy now than I have had in years. My slump has gone from mid-afternoon and doesn’t set in until about 10pm.

I also drink far less alcohol than I have over the past few months. I have adopted my husband’s rule of only drinking when the day is not followed by a work day, which has cut my consumption down to 2 days a week and made a big difference to my mood and most likely calorie intake. I don’t drink until I’m drunk anyway, so the most I have are 2 glasses of wine in a day. But at 80kcal a glass, that’s 800kcal less during the week, or the size of two lunches. No wonder my weight is dropping off!

Overall, it’s been a good week. Like I said, we had a big pizza last night and I’m sure a lot of work will be involved in working that off again over the next few days, but I have changed my lifestyle so much over the past month that a little, internal celebration is due.

The most important thing is that this is sustainable. For the first time in my life I think that I may actually be developing a healthier relationship with food and with my body as a whole. And that should mean that the time of yo-yoing may finally come to an end. Watch this space.


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