Sorry You’re Leaving Cards

So I have been tasked with designing the leaving cards for two of our members of staff, who are moving on to new adventures.

Having had a look online, most shop-bought cards don’t seem to have much more of a design than the writing. I preferred the handmade designs, which used similar themes to what I had in mind: a bird flying the nest, butterflies etc. – anything positive signalling a new beginning.

One of the ladies is a great Harry Potter fan, so the diea of a flying snitch came to mind. I used an old-world-style map background for the base and used mirrored silver and gold card to fashion a snitch. I added pen lines for extra depth on the wings. The side and bottom were embellished using leftover background card from an Anita’s butterfly set and I used gold marker to write onto the card.


The other lady was a little harder to find something suitable for. She is lovely and seems to appreciate simple designs, so I used a leftover Anita’s butterfy in a frame from the set I still had lying around and added some of the same background paper on gold mirrored card for the main message. The background card was a wooden design from a World card set I bought at The Range a while back.


What do you think? I hope they’ll like them!

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