Weigh-in the 2nd: Week 3

Starting weight: 10st 2

Current weight: 9st 13

Total lost: 3lb

Baby it’s cold outside…

It’s been 3 weeks since I have made my New Year’s Resolutions and I am fully on track with my goals. This week, I have been dragging myself out of bed by 5am every morning in order to get on my bike and exercise for a minimum of 15min, then on my dumbbells to get my arms back in shape. That’s half an hour of my sleep time sacrificed in the name of beauty and health and it looks like it’s been well worth it.

One thing I haven’t done – but probably should have – is to take measurements of my hips, belly, thighs and arms. The first week was slow going and I didn’t lose a lot of weight on the scales, but it has really dropped off this week. However, I can see a marked improvement in my facial structure and it has become far easier to pull my (still maternity!) trousers over my backside. So while 3lb really isn’t that much, my body overall is in much better shape.

The biggest difference has been in my energy levels. I don’t know whether it’s the principle of eating that frog (i.e. doing what you dread the most about your day first thing), the sense of accomplishment or the physical effects of exercise, but I feel better equipped to do more during the day, sleep better and not slump too much in the afternoons. It also helps that I am drinking far fewer energy drinks – most days one is sufficient.

It amazes me just how much difference there has been in 3 weeks. Even my skin is better than it has been in recent months – probably down to a better diet. So while it has been slow-going at first, now is the time the differences are starting to set in and that in itself is a motivator to keep on going.



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