When my daughter was whisked away by her grandparents to enjoy a few days in Germany, the time seemed ripe to finally acknowledge that she is, in fact, not a little girl anymore and is speedily approaching tweenage years. Her 10th birthday is only a few months away and yet some of the furniture in her room has been hers since she was two years old.

I am not the kind of person to throw away what is still usable; I hate the thought of waste and my attitude has always been one of ‘mend and make do’. That doesn’t mean, though, that things need to look shabby. So my husband and I took stock of her room and decided that both for spacial reasons and the tear in the fabric, the girl’s bed had seen its best days and needed to go.

The desk and chest of drawers, however – while still perfectly good – had been a bit of an eyesore for a while and needed work done on them. IMG_1330

The biggest issue with the chest of drawers were the stickers, which the girl had used to decorate them with since she was about 3 – lots of Peppa Pigs, Ben and Hollies and Dora the Explorer were staring back at me in mocking unison. Not one to give up easily, I located the sugar soap, Marigolds and scrubbing brushes and set to work.


The bed we had selected to replace the old one was grey-metallic in colour. So, naturally, to create a matching set, I selected wood and metal paint which was similar.

In hindsight, I wish I had done more sanding than I ended up doing as this made it harder for the paint to stick, but (after a failed spray-painting attempt) I painted the chest of drawers as well as the edges of the table and shelf with the grey metal and wood paint.

I then painted the top pf the table and the back of the shelf – both in chalkboard paint to give the girl a further opportunity to be creative.

As a final touch, the husband and I updated the bedding and used the emoji trend to reflect the girl’s age a little better than Disney Princesses or Tatty Teddy do.


For about £170, we have transformed the girl’s room from a children’s bedroom onto a tweenage one and upcycled some of her old furniture in the process. To say I’m proud is a bit of an understatement.

And yes, I know she still needs to tidy up that room.

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