The Little Creative Moments: Card Making

My husband and I have a rule: once a week, for an hour, he takes the children off me for a bit of me-time. This is a trade-off for me doing the nights with the boy. It means that, once a week, I get to have a little bit of time for my hobbies. And while that time is supposed to be just for me, I tend to do other jobs like doing the laundry etc. alongside, so often, all that is left of my me-time is abut half an hour.

But if you have read my post on the value of 5min, you know that I use all my time to the maximum. I love drawing and painting, but those can take several hours at a time and I prefer those to be together in one piece. So instead, I have what I call my little creative moments.

Often, this involves card making. The concept of having a stack of cards ready for every occasion has been with me for a while (all credits due to a family friend, who has been practicing this for years), but it has only been the last year or so that I have really aimed to work at it. It means that there is no frantic searching for suitable cards in the shops when the time comes, be it birthdays, Christmas or new arrivals. In a way, it’s just another way of being organised, staying on top of things and making life a little easier during the more hectic times in our lives.

Last year, I did not spend any money on commercial Christmas cards. I used blank cards I had at home, wrapping paper, some pre-made toppers, cut-outs from other cards, ribbon and other little items collected ‘just in case’ over a number of years to make enough cards for everyone, with some left over for this year’s Christmas.

Admittedly, recently I have splashed out a not insignificant sum on some coloured card and fancy paper, but each item was much better value for money than any commercial card would have been, or on offer at the time. The initial outlay is always a little higher, as with any craft items, but once you have amassed a small collection, mixing and matching is easy enough and much cheaper in the long run. And if you run out of ideas, Google and Pinterest are your friends.

So whenever I get my little moments of me-time, I make some cards. It helps me relax and it makes others happy with unique little cards. Win-win.


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