Bulk-cooking Sunday

I’m in the middle of writing a post on what has happened with our childcare recently, but wanted to add this post to the list of things, which make being back at work with a small baby reasonably easy.

Every Sunday without fail is bulk-cooking Sunday for me. This is not weekday dinners, where  I still prefer to cook fresh food as a way of relaxation and bonding with my daughter, but lunches for the boy for his time at the childminder’s.

The idea is simple: I choose 2 types of soup to cook every week, which are then batch-cooked, portioned and frozen for the next working week. This week it’s carrot & coriander soup and chicken & vegetable soup.

Soups are some of my favourite lunches to cook (and would be on the menu way more often if my husband didn’t remind me that he doesn’t consider them food) – they are easily prepared, feed a lot of people at a time and are full of vegetable goodness. There is no better way of getting children used to eating a variety of healthy foods then blending them all up in a lovely, smooth or slightly chunky soup. And what a great way to use up leftovers.

Soups are also easy for babies to eat. The ones I make for the boy are usually chunky as I like him to get his jaws moving in order to practice speech, but smooth soups are just fine if they are otherwise eating finger foods. If you’re worried, provide some bread for them to have on the side.

The textures, colours and flavours are endless. From cold gazpacho to winter-warmer cheese soup, there is something that everyone likes. And soups are an ideal way to overcome the milk and egg allergies that the boy suffers from.

My favourites to make for the boy so far are

  • sweetcorn and bacon
  • chicken & vegetable
  • potato and bacon
  • tomato with croutons and olives
  • pea and ham.

On the eve before the next work day I take one of the soup containers out of the freezer, put some bread pre-sliced into a different container and leave both in the fridge overnight. Together with any other pre-prepared snacks, they then simply get put into his bag in the morning – fresh and ready to be heated up and eaten at the childminder’s.


One thought on “Bulk-cooking Sunday

  1. schnuffichen says:

    Excellent post with great advice! Love the comment about the boy’s soup being chunkier to train his muscles for speech development – very cool! 🙂

    (I have to side with your husband on the soup issue, though. My meal is not complete without something to chew (much to the chagrin of my man, who looooooves soup). ;))

    Liked by 1 person

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