Weigh-in Week 12/52

Weigh-in: 58.5kg

Weight lost so far: 4.0kg

So it’s been 12 weeks and just over half a stone. Not an amazing loss, I admit, but enough to be confident that I’ll be back to my pre-pregnancy weight (about 57.5kg) in a matter of weeks and as I will be going back to work at around the same time, there is room for so much more loss thereafter. After all, I won’t be tempted by the contents of the fridge every free minute I have. The need for energy drinks may, however, increase again.

So last week was an odd one in that the lack of sleep and the excitement of the previous few weeks has started catching up with me. I’m pretty tired right now and about to consume my third energy drink since I got up at 7.30am. The boy is pretty good with going to sleep at the same time at 8.30pm and waking up at about 7.30am, but teething, a new routine and being put to sleep with decreasing amounts of help in the hope that he will learn to take himself off more by himself during the night have all contributed to him waking up quite  frequently. Sugar and caffeine are what keeps me going most days.

He is now also on 3 meals per day, decreasing the amount of breast feeding I do drastically. This means I have to adjust to lower energy requirements, essentially cutting out the chocolate and those less mindful treats.

However, living in a 3-storey house has its advantages, namely getting fit without even trying after forgetting to collect something from the up-upstairs room for the umpteenth time. My husband has also just dug out my bike, meaning that I may attempt the odd trip on that again if I have any baby-free time.

Let’s hope next week my weight loss will pick up again.

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