Weigh-ins Weeks 10+11

Weigh-in: 59.5kg (week 10), 58.8kg (week 11)

Total weight lost so far: 3.7kg

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that life has been busy lately. It’s been positively manic.

Not only did we move house a mere 3 weeks ago, but I also had the glorious idea of putting myself back out on the job market at the same time and write an application, despite the fact that the boy had been insanely sick the previous day.

I then got invited to attend an interview (a few hours after I’d sent off that application) about half a week later, so – being on maternity leave – I had to swot up, scrap up and generally resist the temptation to talk about the content of nappies rather than the job I was supposed to be doing. Oh, and the boy was sick again in between.

So, while this blog got a little neglected, my attempts at weight loss were actually quite successful. I have survived on caffeine and sugar for a few weeks now, owing to the boy still getting used to his new sleeping arrangements, but him weaning with varying success has actually meant that I got quite a few vitamins and minerals into me by the way of eating his leftover foods and neglecting to prepare much for myself during the day.

Add to that that the boy has started crawling at the mere age of 5 1/2 months and you can see I’ve been kept on my toes, too!

One rather depressing thing I’ve discovered is that despite the weight loss and being only 1.3kg short of my pre-pregnancy weight of 57.5kg, I don’t actually fit into many of my pre-pregnancy clothes yet. Oh yes, my trousers close again, but my blazers don’t and my blouses are still rather tight; I had a bit of a job looking decent for my interview while refusing to buy any extra clothes.

So I will need to lose a fair bit more weight and see how my body has changed shape this time. Clearly, weight isn’t everything.

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