Weigh-in Week 9/52

Weigh-in: 60.0kg (why oh why?)

Weight loss so far: 2.5kg

So, it’s been another very busy week and another week where my blog is a day late – apologies to my avid readers (har har), but moving with a baby has proven a lot slower than any of my previous moves. Add to that that it’s term-time (for the first time ever during a move for me) and you can understand why it’s taken just over a week to make this place habitable.

So how’s the weight loss going? Well, given the new room for my scales on a carpeted bathroom floor (why do people do that?) I suppose even a tiny weight loss may actually be bigger; as I remember it, last week the scales showed something like 60.7kg.

That said, the week was mainly about trying to sort the kitchen out and finding all my cooking equipment, which has resulted in buying or cooking whatever food was available rather than what was supposed to be done. So now I have a functioning kitchen, we can look at cooking properly again.

Meals this week are still fairly straightforward. I have discovered that our oven cooks super-quickly – much quicker than any I’ve had in Britain before, so I have to adjust times accordingly.

I do need to drastically cut down on sugar as my energy drink consumption is spiralling out of control, what with the boy not having slept particularly well due to a nasty little cold. I hope to manage on two this week, reducing them to one a day again next week. It’ll be better for my purse, too.

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