Weigh-in Week 8/52

Weight: 60.1kg* or 60.7kg

Total weight lost so far: around 2.4kg

*Measurements taken 3 days ago in the old house, so more comparable. Then again we lived off take-aways for an entire weekend, so maybe the second figure. Could also be muscle gain. Who knows.

The problem with moving house is that you put your scales onto a different floor surface. Everyone knows that moving your scales even just to a different point in the same room can lead to massive result differences, let alone if you weigh yourself in an entirely new house. So I guess my starting point has now shifted.

Take-aways were a bit of a life saver over the weekend as I frantically tried to find even just enough plates to see us through. I hate moving and living out of boxes. The kitchen was one of my priority rooms, but it still took two days, with a baby demanding lots of attention in between. Now I can halfway find my way around, though, and enjoy the fact that the hob appears to cook food quicker than the old one.

Other than that, the 3 floors we’re on and the box schlepping may certainly have added a gram or two of muscles. Mostly, I let the men do it, though, and packed and unpacked instead.

So now we’re slowly back on the way to normal. Watch this space.

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