Weigh-in Week 6/52

A day later than usual, but I am not weighing myself today; I will use yesterday’s measurements. I am currently very much snowed under with a sleep-regressing baby, a tax return, which should be simple, but is somehow turning out far too complicated, packing boxes and lots of other things getting in the way.

Weigh-in: 61.7kg

Total weight lost so far: 800g

So, a bit of a set-back this week. I could blame the lack of sleep leading to me consuming more sugar-filled energy drinks than I care to admit, or Bridget Jones for giving me the idea of consuming all of my Christmas chocolates now, so they won’t get in the way later. But the fact is, I have simply eaten too much.

I have two options at this point. I can do what millions of other people will do during the second week of January and give up on my resolutions as I’ll never do it anyway. Or I can show just how much of a stubborn little mind I have and plough on.

The thing with set-backs is, you can get into a bit of a habit. Something’s not working first time? Well, then it will never work. I might as well forget about it. And then the next thing. And the next. And one day you’ll wake up old and wrinkled, but your life is still the same, with a little less hope behind your dreams.

Nope. Not me. I have goals. I may never be able to lick my elbow, but I will definitely be able to lose that weight. I’ve done it before. I’ve even seen the pictures yesterday, during a random search for baby photos of my daughter. Not only have I managed to be skinny once, I’ve also managed it a few months after giving birth. And by skinny I mean much less volume than I ever had as a teen. If I could do it then (admittedly, I was much younger and it takes a lot less time when you’re young and everything is springy) I can do it now.

I just need to get my backside into gear. Who needs sleep anyway. Maggie didn’t, or so history books would have me believe.

Changes to be made:

  • more vegetables. As in, 5 a day. I already cook lots with them; I just need to expand this to my other two meals of the day.
  • no more chocolate. Cocoa, here we come.
  • 2 energy drinks per day. Unless I get sleep, in which case it should be one. Or none.
  • 300kcal/ day expended during physical activity. Psi, eat your heart out. I will learn that dance. I got it from my daddy…
  • less food. There is so much more to life than food. Boredom/ sleepless cravings, begone. Hello, distractions. What was I doing again?

See you in a week.


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