Weigh-in Week 5/52

Weigh-in: 61.4

Total weight lost so far: 1.1kg

I’m astonished it got this far. Christmas has been and gone, as have the New Year’s celebrations and yet here I am weighing 500g less than just before the feast days started.

I did stick to my survival tips, especially the one about drinking less. One Buck’s Fizz was all it took, partially, because breastfeeding still means I can only drink a limited amount and I am just not used to more than one glass of wine or similar per week anymore. It’s a habit I intend to keep as it will also enable me to save money and be happy with less alcohol overall. Win-win.

There is a reason I have started my ‘diet’ early. The typical new years’ resolution on weight loss lasts about 2 weeks, mainly because the festivities have added an extra pound or two and everything afterwards just seems so dull. I read somewhere that an average Christmas Day can set you back as far as 7000kcal – that’s 3 1/2 days’ worth of of energy all scoffed down in one.

I’ve gone seconds on sprouts only, have made some halfway decent pudding choices and limited the overall amount of chocolate I have eaten. Friends and relations have gifted me with more chocolate, but whereas it used to be eaten within a day or two, I am consciously spreading my chocolate out as much as I can.

Now then, changes: my cooking was a little on the meat-heavy side in the run-up to Christmas. It shall include more vegetables and less meat, with substitutes of lentils and mushrooms wherever possible. It’s better for the animals, too. Recipes will, of course, be posted.

I have also made a more conscious effort to exercise. My daughter got given a Wii U game, which requires you to make a fool out of yourself dancing in front of the television without any tutorials whatsoever, but it’s a great workout once you know the basic moves and it even includes a specific exercise section. The best thing: it can be enjoyed as a family.

The new year always brings promise of change, but with another 5-7kg to go those changes will require patience and time.Wish me luck.

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