The Magic Hour

Unlike the title suggests, this has nothing to do with spirituality. And unlike the Devil’s Hour and all the other names for 12am or 3am (depending on when you believe spirits may cross), the Magic Hour has no set time.

It is simply a description for the hour before you normally get up. The Magic Hour is an opportunity.

Without knowing its name, I have stuck to the Magic Hour ever since I’ve had my first child. For the first few years of her life, I have been a single parent. I was a student at university when I had her, one year short of completing my degree. The first year of her life was a year I stayed off; I had arranged with my university that I would defer my degree by a year to get to grips with maternity and ended up living in Germany during that time.

When I returned to England, I knew that time became a luxury that many of my fellow students had, but which I could not afford to waste. I had to find a way of juggling childcare, studying for my degree, exams, assignments and my placements at schools during my final year.

It was the time when I unwittingly adhered to the Magic Hour. The principle is simple: whatever time you normally get up, you rise an hour earlier. Instead of slouching on the sofa watching ‘morning TV’ or updating Facebook, you use this extra time to get as much done as you possibly can.

It sounds ridiculous at first. I mean, you’ll be tired, so everything will take longer than necessary, right? I actually found that the pressure of the one hour meant that I got more done in that time than at any other time during the day. I knew that, in an hour, people would be up and wanting chats/ making noise/ in the case of my daughter wanting food etc., so I got on with it.

The Magic Hour is my saviour now. The peace and quiet helps me think if I need to get things ready for work. The lack of distractions means that I can do the majority of the household without interruptions. On a good day, I can get 1-2 sets of laundry done (on a 28min cycle), hang one up, wash the dishes, clear the bins out, tidy the downstairs rooms, make food for the day and file what needs filing away. I may even be able to update my Blog.

For a working mum (or a SAHM with a busy schedule), the Magic Hour is the perfect way to have it all. I can only recommend it to anyone who struggles for time during the day.

Try it out.

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