Weigh-in week 3/52

Weigh-in: 61.9

Total weight lost so far: 600g

To say I’m pleased with my weekly weigh-in would be a bit of an understatement. I’m ecstatic. Seriously.

I must say, while I have been a little more conscious about portion sizes and I have striven to include more vegetables in my meals (still no fruit other than raisins in my gingerbread), I have spent the last week pretty much living off junk. Homemade junk, mostly, but still junk.

The whole of December is one temptation fest after another. There are school fundraisers, for which baking needs to be done and junk foods are high on the list of popular last-day celebration choices. There is chocolate everywhere you go. There is the traditional Christmas baking, supplemented by yet more baking as festive hampers are made. There are jam jars and pickles practically being thrown at us from well-wishers all over the place.

In short, around Christmas, you cannot escape food and indulgence.

My vices this week were chocolate, cakes (gingerbread and Stollen, which my husband apparently doesn’t eat – guess who sacrificed themselves to consume it all) and crisps. There is a reason I normally don’t buy Pringles, but my daughter specifically asked for some for her last day at school. And once a box was bought… well, you can imagine.

And while I normally consume my chocolate in it’s highly satisfying liquid form, the fact that so much of it was around for hot chocolate spoon making has meant the odd spoonful for myself and the re-introduction of morning chocolate, which I thought I’d gotten over.

So yes, I am grateful for this morning’s weigh-in.

Next week will not be a traditional weigh-in for two reasons:

  1. It’s Christmas. No one in their right mind would weigh themselves on Boxing day – the day after barely being able to see the scales for the amount of food running through the body in a spirit-filled haze.
  2. It’s Christmas. Much as I like my Blog, Christmas is family-time. I may be persuaded to schedule a How-to-survive-Christmas-when you’re-supposed-to-lose-weight post. But that’s as far as it goes.

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