Felt Tree Decorations

We have two Christmas trees in our a house: a silly, artificial one, onto which we put things like coloured baubles, the reindeer whose outstretched arm has given it the name of a former dictator and funny plastic snowmen. The other one is kept traditional, with natural materials, wooden decorations and red baubles.

One thing I’ve had my eyes on for ages, but could never justify paying for, were £4-5 felt ornaments. I love working with felt. It looks cosy and warm and it doesn’t fray. So I bought a few sheets and set off to make my own felt stars:

  • felt in 2 different colours
  • cookie cutters in 2 sizes
  • pencil, scissors
  • 2 matching buttons
  • stuffing
  • ribbon
  • needle and thread in at least 2 matching colours

Use cookie cutters and your pencil to trace the festive shapes onto the felt sheets: 2 small and 2 larger ones. Use an adjusted blanket stitch and colour-contrasting thread to sew the small shapes into the centre of the larger ones. Sew the button into the centre of the small shape. Repeat twice.

You can then add any embroidery to the shapes; I used a mixture of simple, doubled-up straight lines, the semi-star shapes made from straight stitches and French knots.

Connect the two ends of the ribbon by melting them together, then stitch them to one of the shapes. Use a blanket stitch – again in a colour contrasting the outer material – to connect the two shapes. When you only have a small hole left, add the stuffing (don’t overfill) and continue to close up with a blanket stitch. Hide the finishing knot between the ribbon edges.


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