Weigh-in week 2/52

Weigh-in: 61.9

Total weight lost so far: 600g

All in all, I can say that this has been a successful week. Whilst I haven’t compromised on food choices, I have been more conscious of my portion sizes. Do I really need seconds? Is it wise to eat a third piece of chocolate-covered gingerbread?

It’s not been an easy one by all means. The temptation to eat – especially when tired – is a big one, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, when chocolate treats and cakes are abundant. I don’t exactly lack sleep. My baby doesn’t keep me awake much; he sleeps 6 hours on average before he needs his first feed and he can then go another 2-3 hours before he is actually up. I think parenting as such is tiring. As, of course, is breastfeeding – my body is sustaining a whole other person and their needs as a growing being.

So how am I getting on with my goals?

  • Drinking more. I’ve made a decent start on this. My daily intake consists of 2 energy drinks at 250ml each, an orange juice at 100ml, a cup of herbal tea at 250ml on average, a hot chocolate made with semi-skimmed milk at 200ml and about 4 glasses of water at 200ml each. So that’s 1850ml of liquids added to whatever foods I eat. My aim for next week is to get this up to 2l, which should be more than do-able.
  • Smaller portions. Most days, I have done alright. I tend not to eat much in the mornings (maybe a chocolate or a yogurt) and my lunch typically consists of a sandwich and a hot chocolate. It’s my evening meals where I need to exercise restraint as I will often go for seconds, especially if my husband cannot finish off what I have cooked. I suppose the key is making sufficient food for 3 people and not to over-cook, but then I have a tweenager and a hungry man and I don’t want to leave either of them to starve. So, self-control it is.
  • More veg and fruit. Ahem. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate fruit that was not hidden in mincemeat. I really should swap my morning chocolate for fruit, or at least cover my fruit in chocolate. Something to work on. As for the vegetables, my evening meals are jam-packed of them. I tend to substitute some meat for vegetables or pulses if I can. I also make a large vegetable base. For example, tonight’s meal is feta and salmon parcels with spinach. The spinach will cover the vast majority of the plate.
  • More home-cooked food. Not a bad week, although we did end up buying a pizza from a large supermarket one night after my husband came home late and we had to do our weekly food shop then.

So my aim for next week is to make my morning snack healthier by incorporating fruit.

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