Weigh-in Week 1/52

Weigh-in: 62.5kg

Total weight lost so far: Don’t be daft, this is my first post on this issue.

My husband took a picture of me the other day while I was sitting on the sofa. I had a look afterwards and what I saw did not impress me at all.

Fair enough, I’ve given birth to a beautiful young man a mere 3 months ago (almost 15 weeks – eek!), but 3 months are a long time to still hang on to my pregnancy cushions. With my daughter, I lost my pregnancy weight within days and then a whole lot more. It was too quick for my body, which ended up not producing enough milk. Maybe holding onto that thought has made me less proactive in losing the weight this time around.

However, the fact that I still don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans is an issue as I am too tight and way too stubborn to buy a bigger size, so I am still confined to maternity trousers and a very limited selection of tops.

I have to return to work a few months into the next year. By then I need clothes which fit; there is no way on Earth that I will be seen still waddling around in what I needed to wear during the last 5 months of carrying a whole other human being inside me.

I’m reluctant to call what I do ‘dieting’. To me, a diet stops working the minute you stop following its rules. It is what keeps popular weight loss groups in business, after all. You wouldn’t want your clientele to become too successful, otherwise you’d run out of customers soon.

As you may gather, I have zero intention of joining those groups. I also don’t follow anything I cannot easily incorporate into everyday life. That includes diets advocating cutting down on fat, carbs, meat and any other things currently deemed unhealthy. So what I am aiming for are a few main life habits:

  • Drinking more. Water, that is, not the alcoholic kind.
  • Smaller portions. Just in general, I eat too much.
  • More veg and fruit. They’re tasty (really, I like them!), cheap and filling. And they are less energy-dense than my staples carbs and meats.
  • More home-cooked food. Hubby and I have got into an expensive take-away habit with our jobs and a baby around.

Those are my main vices. I don’t snack much at all and when I cook I make everything from scratch as a matter of pride. My qualification in Health and Nutrition has taught me a lot about whole foods, so all my recipes will include butter, full-sugar items and whole grains where possible, not their processed substitutes. In fact, I avoid the sugar-free and low-fat labels like the plague.

This will be a slow process. My aim is to weigh about 56kg by the time I return to work and a stable 52kg by this time next year. Watch this space for weekly updates.

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