Rocking those goals for 2017

I know it’s the 5th of December and the traditional time for new years’ resolutions still seems and age and a half away. After all, we haven’t even got Christmas out of the way yet.

However, it is the time of the year when I look back and think about all the changes that have occurred sine the last Christmas and wonder how I didn’t notice that my life has completely turned upside-down. Or sideways, rather, as it’s not gotten any better or worse, just completely different. For one, I am suddenly a married woman. For another, I have two children instead of one. And I will soon be a house owner. All in the space of a single year. So, all in all, it probably has improved, but then I’ve never really been unhappy with my lot.

Anyway, I am rambling. I have a few life goals for 2017. I find that writing them down and then sub-dividing them into smaller steps helps me achieve those goals.

So here they are, the big 5:

  • Lose weight. A common one for many women I know, but I’ve had a baby a few months ago and I have yet to lose those extra baby pounds I have put on during pregnancy.
  • Get a promotion. Equally common, but I have a specific post in mind. All I need to do is find a place that will accommodate this.
  • Find a work-life balance when I return. Jeez, and I thought I’d be more individual, right? In my job as a teacher this is more important than ever, especially considering I will still have a baby when I go back to work.
  • Rekindle my hobbies. Oh, come on! Seriously, though, being on maternity leave means that I have had a bit of time to find myself again, and with that came finding the time to do what I love. In my case, this is anything creative. I love sewing, drawing, painting and need to find the time to build this into my life.
  • Be a better mum and wife. I’m not particularly bad at either, I think. It’s just that I find my time seriously divided all the time and something or someone always loses out. So this goes hand in hand with goals no.3.

I will work on each sub-division over the next year. This is what will shape this blog: recipes, beauty ramblings, job-related rabbiting, relationship advice and one or two creative blurbs.


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